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Gabrielsson, Ida, 2016. “We do this for the environment to feel good” : children’s perspectives of environmental education. Second cycle, A2E. Uppsala: SLU, Dept. of Urban and Rural Development



This study investigates two schools, which are a part of Keep Sweden Tidy’s environmental
education program, Green Flag. One goal of environmental education is for its participants
to adopt pro-environmental behaviors. The Green Flag program aims for schools to adopt
sustainable development goals, to assist the school to actively work towards these goals,
and to give children a voice in environmental questions. I compared two schools by looking
at the children’s perspectives of this program. This study calls on practice theory in order to
compare the practices in place at each school and discern what is necessary for the children
to feel that the practices are meaningful for them, in that they can reflect upon the meaning
of the practice, they feel enabled, have influence, and a mandate of agency in
environmental questions.

With this study, I found that certain environmental practices are more successful at
engaging children in environmental questions. Practices that have transformed from a
dispersed to an integrated practice were more successful in enabling the children to feel that
they had influence in the practice and a strong mandate of agency. Also, I found that
practices that have been in place for a longer period of time have structures that are more
well-defined, which constrained the children and hindered their mandate of agency in the
practice and their engagement. On the other hand, practices with a newer structure enabled
the children to act and in turn they felt that they had a strong mandate of agency to
influence the practice. Last, the environmental practices that influenced the children’s
behavior outside of school where the ones in which they felt that they had influence and a
strong mandate of agency.

Main title:“We do this for the environment to feel good”
Subtitle:children’s perspectives of environmental education
Authors:Gabrielsson, Ida
Supervisor:Westberg, Lotten
Examiner:Bergeå, Hanna
Volume/Sequential designation:UNSPECIFIED
Year of Publication:2016
Level and depth descriptor:Second cycle, A2E
Student's programme affiliation:NM026 Environmental communication and management - Master's programme
Supervising department:(NL, NJ) > Dept. of Urban and Rural Development
(LTJ, LTV) > Dept. of Urban and Rural Development
Keywords:Environmental education, Keep Sweden Tidy, Green Flag, practice theory, dispersed practices, integrated practice, structure and agency, children
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Subject. Use of subject categories until 2023-04-30.:Education
Deposited On:08 Jul 2016 11:47
Metadata Last Modified:08 Jul 2016 11:47

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