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Runesson, Elisabet, 2020. Compilation of life cycle assessments of cultivated blue mussels : recalculation of the inventory assessments. Second cycle, A2E. Uppsala: SLU, Department of Molecular Sciences



With a growing world population there is an increased demand of sustainable and nutritious food. There is not much more land to farm on whether for food or for feed for livestock. Aquaculture increases more than any other production method, however there is still often a need for feed. Mussels are low trophic species that grow without input of feed, additives and antibiotics. They are filter feeding organisms consuming planktonic particles. Therefore, when harvested, nutrients are removed from the environment, reducing eutrophication. Life cycle assessment is a standardised method of calculating environmental impact.
The goals of this thesis were to compile life cycle assessments about cultivated blue mussels through a literature review and to recalculate the carbon footprint and the marine eutrophication potential. The inventory assessments of six published mussel LCA studies and one dataset were analysed. Harmonization of methodologies was performed and a uniform functional unit of one tonne of Blue mussels produced was chosen.
The recalculation resulted in a mean of 0,95 kg CO2-equivalents/kg mussel with shells at harvest and 5 mg N-equivalents/kg produced of mussels with shells at harvest. Hotspots identified were production of material used in cultivation, followed by energy and fuel use. Even though mussels have a low environmental impact, using more energy efficient boats or farmers sharing vessels could further reduce the emissions. Mussels have a high nutritional value and are relatively sustainable, making them an interesting future food product or ingredient in new products.

Main title:Compilation of life cycle assessments of cultivated blue mussels
Subtitle:recalculation of the inventory assessments
Authors:Runesson, Elisabet
Supervisor:Strid, Ingrid
Examiner:Sampels, Sabine
Series:Molecular Sciences
Volume/Sequential designation:2020:24
Year of Publication:2020
Level and depth descriptor:Second cycle, A2E
Student's programme affiliation:NY002 Agricultural Programme - Food Science 270 HEC
Supervising department:(NL, NJ) > Department of Molecular Sciences
Keywords:LCA, Blue mussels, sustainability, production
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Subject. Use of subject categories until 2023-04-30.:Food science and technology
Deposited On:22 Jan 2021 08:55
Metadata Last Modified:23 Jan 2021 02:01

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