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Carlsson, Carl Johan, 2008. Varför är det kvinnliga könet underrepresenterat vid Skogsmästarprogrammet?. SLU, School for Forest Management, Skinnskatteberg. Skinnskatteberg: SLU, School for Forest Management



The purpose of this work is to find out what female students think about Skogsmästarprogrammet (Forest Management – Bachelor's Programme) at the Swedish University of Agriculture. The programme has existed since 1945 and in total over the years 1974 - 2007 about 10 % females have been studying at the programme. Today 15 % of the students are women, and the goal is to reach at least 30 %. The central question in the present work is to investigate how it is possible to increase the proportion of women.

To find this out a questionnaire has been sent to all female students who earlier have passed the programme or who right now are studying at the programme. The result shows that most of the female students are satisfied with the education and the work they have got afterwards. Over 85 % would recommend the programme to other women. To get more female students they suggest that the marketing has to become wider. The marketing should for instance concentrate on groups of women who own forest or groups with an interest for nature and biology.

Main title:Varför är det kvinnliga könet underrepresenterat vid Skogsmästarprogrammet?
Authors:Carlsson, Carl Johan
Supervisor:Stenhag, Staffan
Series:Examensarbete / SLU, Skogsmästarprogrammet
Volume/Sequential designation:2008:4
Year of Publication:2008
Level and depth descriptor:Other
Student's programme affiliation:SIPGM BSc in Forest Engeneering 180 HEC
Supervising department:(S) > School for Forest Management
Keywords:kvinna, jämlikhet, skogsutbildning
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