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Söderbäck, Lisa, 2013. Djurparkernas tillgänglighet av information och dess innehåll: är den tillräcklig?. First cycle, G2E. Skara: SLU, Dept. of Animal Environment and Health (until 231231)



The purpose of zoos has changed over the decades. From being menageries where wealthy people showed their collections of exotic animals to today’s zoos where science, conservation and education has become a central part of their work. Education in zoos gives them the opportunity to spread the knowledge about ecology, biology and biodiversity to the general public. Their aim is to change the public’s attitudes towards our wildlife and raise awareness about the threats that exists against our planets biodiversity. The zoos aim to influence the public to take action against the extinction of threatened species and their habitat. To do this it is crucial to reach out to the public with the information zoos possess in an effective way. This study aims to collect information about which knowledge the visitors on the Swedish zoos Skansen and Nordens Ark gains during a day at the zoo. It also highlights the possible improvements the zoos can benefit from. A survey was made at the two Swedish zoos Skansen and Nordens Ark that focused on the content of the information signs and their availability. It also contained statements about the positive and negative consequences the conservation programs bring and the visitors’ ethical standpoints against zoos and their work. The results show that there is a lot of information available for the visitors at the zoos. This information can be broaden so that the visitors can gain even more knowledge about zoos and their work, knowledge that will make it easier for the general public to make conscious choices when it comes to zoos and conservation. Conscious choices that will benefit the zoos work with saving our threatened species and wildlife. It will also give the general public a greater understanding for which consequences, positive as well as negative, zoos result in, an understanding that hopefully also will encourage the general public to involve themselves in conservation issues and the zoos work.

Main title:Djurparkernas tillgänglighet av information och dess innehåll: är den tillräcklig?
Authors:Söderbäck, Lisa
Supervisor:Andersson, Maria
Examiner:Loberg, Jenny
Series:Studentarbete / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för husdjurens miljö och hälsa
Volume/Sequential designation:465
Year of Publication:2013
Level and depth descriptor:First cycle, G2E
Student's programme affiliation:VK002 Ethology and Animal Welfare - Bachelor's Programme 180 HEC
Supervising department:(VH) > Dept. of Animal Environment and Health (until 231231)
Keywords:djurpark, besökare, information
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Subject. Use of subject categories until 2023-04-30.:Animal ecology
Deposited On:13 Aug 2013 08:19
Metadata Last Modified:13 Aug 2013 08:19

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