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Pettersson, Ellen, 2011. Hepatit E - en zoonos?. First cycle, G2E. Uppsala: SLU, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health



Hepatitis E virus, HEV, is a frequent causative agent behind, especially waterborne, infections in developing countries such as India. However, during the last years the number of non-travel-associated infections in industrialised countries, for example US, Germany and Sweden, has increased. The symptoms vary from mild with nausea to icterus and it can even be lethal. There are four different genotypes of HEV and many studies consider HEV infection to be a zoonosis. Scientists have by using phylogenetic analyses found great genetic similarity between strains isolated from humans, pigs and food, such as pork and liver, especially among viruses belonging to genotype 3. Genotype 3 has been shown to be involved in outbreaks linked to consumption of poor cooked meat. Studies have shown cross species infection, where pigs have been infected with human HEV strains and nonhuman apes infected with swine HEV strains. The prevalence of antibodies among people in many industrialized countries is higher than earlier assumed. In addition to this, the levels of anti-HEV from swine and anti-HEV from humans, that means antibodies against both virus strains from animals and humans, among blood donators in USA are the same and veterinarians working with swine have higher levels of both. Humans and animals can be infected and secrete virus without having any symptoms and thus act as reservoirs for the virus.

Main title:Hepatit E - en zoonos?
Authors:Pettersson, Ellen
Supervisor:Höök, Helena and Muradrasoli, Shaman
Examiner:Fredriksson, Mona
Series:Veterinärprogrammet, examensarbete för kandidatexamen / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för biomedicin och veterinär folkhälsovetenskap (t.o.m. 2015)
Volume/Sequential designation:2011:38
Year of Publication:2011
Level and depth descriptor:First cycle, G2E
Student's programme affiliation:VY002 Veterinary Medicine Programme 330 HEC
Supervising department:(VH) > Dept. of Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health
Keywords:hepatit E, zoonos
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Subject. Use of subject categories until 2023-04-30.:Animal diseases
Food contamination and toxicology
Human medicine, health, and safety
Deposited On:11 Apr 2011 09:34
Metadata Last Modified:20 Apr 2012 14:18

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