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Lucas, Cloé, 2014. Burnt forest clear-cuts, a breeding habitat for ortolan bunting Emberiza hortulana in northern Sweden?. Second cycle, A2E. Umeå: SLU, Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies



The Ortolan Bunting population has decreased in Sweden by about 80 % since 1975. Nowadays, the largest part of the Ortolan Bunting population occurs on the northern coast
where the majority breeds on clear-cuts. The aim of the study was to describe the Ortolan Bunting breeding habitat characteristics in northern Sweden to provide a basis for
management plan. In Phase 1, I investigated if Ortolan Buntings were more present on prescribed burnt clear-cuts than on non-burnt clear-cuts with a presence/absence survey.
Unfortunately the occupancy rate in the study area appeared to be very low. As a second step, I extended the study on habitat characteristics within a study area closer to the coast (Phase 2). There was a positive relationship between clear-cut size and Ortolan Bunting presence, but when accounting for random spatial distribution, presences on small clearcuts were as common or even higher as on large ones. Proximity to farmland had no significant effect on presence of Ortolan Bunting. These two conclusions may be explained by the fact that Ortolan Buntings had the possibility to use multiple clear-cuts and thus find
additional resources on a nearby clear-cut, relaxing resource shortage on the clear-cut of the nesting territory. Within 70 km from the coast, there was no coast-inland gradient in Ortolan Bunting presence. The studied parameters could not explain the low Ortolan Bunting presence in the studied area used in Phase 1 but they supplied management plan of the species by pointing out that prescribed burning did not seem to have to take into
account neither clear-cut size, distance to farmland nor distance to the coast (< 70 km). This study also provided some information for future researches about the distribution of the Ortolan Bunting in the region and pointed out further questions to be considered to get a
global vision of Ortolan Bunting breeding habitat in the region.

Main title:Burnt forest clear-cuts, a breeding habitat for ortolan bunting Emberiza hortulana in northern Sweden?
Authors:Lucas, Cloé
Supervisor:Edenius, Lars and de Jong, Adriaan and Roberge, Jean-Michel
Examiner:Leonardsson, Kjell
Series:Examensarbete i ämnet biologi / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för vilt, fisk och miljö
Volume/Sequential designation:2014:2
Year of Publication:2014
Level and depth descriptor:Second cycle, A2E
Student's programme affiliation:Other
Supervising department:(S) > Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies
Keywords:Emberiza hortulana, breeding habitat, clear-cut, prescribed burning, farmland
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Subject. Use of subject categories until 2023-04-30.:Animal ecology
Deposited On:28 Feb 2014 11:14
Metadata Last Modified:28 Feb 2014 11:14

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