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Andersson, Daniel, 2012. En jämförelse av skogsmarksprisets utveckling mellan Sverige, Danmark, Norge, Finland, Estland och Lettland. First cycle, G2E. Skinnskatteberg: SLU, School for Forest Management



During the twenty-first century the price of forest land in Sweden has increased heavily. Buying forest land has become more common and the stakeholders have grown in number.
The countries around Sweden have through the globalization become connected in the market of round wood and wood products. The price of forest land and round wood are also close connected.
The goal with this report is to make a comparison of forest land prices between Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia and to see how the prices have developed in the period 2000-2011. The prime factor in the comparison, except the direct price difference between the countries, is the round wood prices. The round wood prices give information about the economic situation in the countries and play an important role in the return on the forest land.
The prices of forest land shifts heavily between the countries. Denmark has the highest prices followed by Sweden and Finland. Lower prices are found in Norway, Estonia and Latvia. Norway has a strict legislation that keeps the prices on low levels.
Many factors are involved in the price of forest land and only a few of them are analyzed in this report. The non-monetary values have become increasingly higher and are one contributing factor to the big price difference among the countries.

Main title:En jämförelse av skogsmarksprisets utveckling mellan Sverige, Danmark, Norge, Finland, Estland och Lettland
Authors:Andersson, Daniel
Supervisor:Sundstedt, Eric
Examiner:Stenhag, Staffan
Series:Examensarbete / SLU, Skogsmästarprogrammet
Volume/Sequential designation:2012:08
Year of Publication:2012
Level and depth descriptor:First cycle, G2E
Student's programme affiliation:SY002 Forest Management - Bachelor's Programme 180 HEC
Supervising department:(S) > School for Forest Management
Keywords:Fastighetspris, Fastighetsmarknad, Virkespris
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Subject. Use of subject categories until 2023-04-30.:Land economics and policies
Forestry - General aspects
Deposited On:27 Apr 2012 07:01
Metadata Last Modified:07 Oct 2012 09:16

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