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Johansson, Hjalmar, 2024. Influence of tree species on tree-related micro-habitats in a broadleaf forest in eastern Skåne, Sweden. First cycle, G2E. Alnarp: SLU, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre



In this thesis, the effects of different tree species and tree size on tree related micro-habitats (TreMs) in a broadleaf forest at Krubbemölla in Skåne, southern Sweden, have been studied. The hypothesis was that there are different amounts and types of TreMs on different tree species and that there are more TreMs on larger (older) tree individuals. The results show that there is a large difference between tree species and what kind, variation and amount of TreMs that occur on different species. Salix caprea had the highest amount of TreM variation, epiphytic structures and fruiting bodies. Quercus robur had the largest amount of crown deadwood and the largest amount of TreMs per individual tree together with S. caprea. Fagus sylvatica and S. caprea had the greatest number of cavities and tree injuries. Prunus avium had the greatest number of exudates, but excrescences did not seem to differ between species. Fruiting bodies and excrescences did not have many observations in the study area and thus these data may not be reliable. The difference between large and small trees was noticeable for the most part when observing all of the species together, except for fruiting bodies and exudates. For the total amount of TreMs there was a clear difference between the large and small trees for all species. Other aspects that determine which and how many TreMs there will be in a specific area are discussed. S. caprea and Q. robur should be kept and promoted in the area to increase biodiversity, but other species should also be maintained as they provide other types of TreMs.

Main title:Influence of tree species on tree-related micro-habitats in a broadleaf forest in eastern Skåne, Sweden
Authors:Johansson, Hjalmar
Supervisor:Brunet, Jörg
Examiner:Torres García, María Trinidad
Volume/Sequential designation:UNSPECIFIED
Year of Publication:2024
Level and depth descriptor:First cycle, G2E
Student's programme affiliation:SK001 Forest and Landscape (BSc) 180 HEC
Supervising department:(S) > Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Keywords:biodiversity, broadleaf forest, ecological indicators, nature, conservation, oak, sallow, tree-related micro-habitats (TreMs)
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Deposited On:27 Jun 2024 10:24
Metadata Last Modified:28 Jun 2024 01:01

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