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Paolini Madrid, Rebeca, 2022. Exploring Naturmolnet’s qualities that promote well-being in the public place : pocket parks for a better urban life?. Second cycle, A2E. Alnarp: SLU, Dept. of People and Society



Green public places are in constant threat due to city development and densification. For the benefit
of the urban dwellers and the environment, it is important to the development, accessibility, and
quality design of public places. Pocket parks are an urban phenomenon, a type of small public place
in between buildings, that represents a restorative escape from the roughness of everyday city life.
This thesis explored and investigated how Naturmolnet, a pocket park in Malmö, contributes to the
restoration and improvement of urban life. The methodology used in this project was an expert
observation landscape analysis which was assisted by a protocol tool developed from an initial
review of the scientific literature on both pocket parks and the Perceived Sensory Dimensions model
(PSD). This protocol was used to evaluate the characteristics and qualities in Naturmolnet that
fosters restoration and promotes well-being. With a 5-point Likert scale and a checklist, the eight
PSDs and pocket parks characteristics were evaluated. The results of this study suggested that
Naturmolnet included most of the pocket park characteristics and restorative elements from different
PSD qualities. The PSDs Cultural, diverse, and social scored the highest (5 points). Sheltered and
open scored in the middle (3 points). Natural, cohesive, and serene scored the lowest (1 point).
Overall, the results indicated that even though Naturmolnet was not considered a natural and serene
environment, it had other elements equally important like social and cultural that classify it as a
restorative urban place that promotes well-being. In conclusion, Naturmolnet is a high-quality
pocket park that functions as a dynamic environment, with a balance between natural, cultural, and
social aspects. Naturmolnet is a community-driven place in Malmö that works as an inspiration for
the development of future pocket parks and as a solution for the recovery, reclaiming of the public
place, the right to the city, and the improvement of a better urban life.

Main title:Exploring Naturmolnet’s qualities that promote well-being in the public place
Subtitle:pocket parks for a better urban life?
Authors:Paolini Madrid, Rebeca
Supervisor:Hägerhäll, Caroline
Examiner:Gyllin, Mats and Cerwén, Gunnar
Volume/Sequential designation:UNSPECIFIED
Year of Publication:2022
Level and depth descriptor:Second cycle, A2E
Student's programme affiliation:LM007 Outdoor environments for health and well-being - Master's programme 120 HEC
Supervising department:(LTJ, LTV) > Dept. of People and Society
Keywords:pocket parks, public place, well-being, restorative environments, perceived sensory dimensions, social connection, culture, community garden, urban green spaces
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Subject. Use of subject categories until 2023-04-30.:Landscape architecture
Deposited On:30 Jun 2022 11:05
Metadata Last Modified:01 Jul 2022 01:00

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